The Zhang Yi Xing x Ray-Ban Capsule Collection celebrates the synergy between the brand and the talent with the RB3584N Aviator Blaze, a reinvention of a classic Ray-Ban Aviator eyewear.
Featuring a steel front and bold upper bridge, the original pilot shape gets a boost with an innovative rimless flat lens-over-frame construction. With three unique color combinations selected by Zhang Yi Xing - dark violet mirror blue lens with demi-gloss black temple, dark violet mirror silver lens with shiny silver, and dark orange mirror gold with shiny gold.
Zhang Yi Xing’s name will be engraved on the inside of the temples and on the premium packing box. Each style is offered in brand new color combinations that are designed to help young consumers showcase their true selves.

Ray-Ban Blaze Aviator RB3584N 9082/7V

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